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What is an air conditioner and what are its advantages

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Air coolers, it is an electrical appliance that regulates temperature. It can be used in many places, and is also popular because of its energy-saving, environmentally friendly and inexpensive features.

What is air cooler?
Air cooler, the full name is evaporative chiller, also known as chillers, water-cooled air conditioning, industrial air conditioning, energy-saving environmental protection air conditioning, water air conditioning, air conditioning fan. The hourly power consumption is only one-eighth of the traditional air conditioner, which has a history of 50 years in Australia, Europe and the United States, and has been introduced into China for 10 years. At the beginning, it was mainly used in factories and supermarkets, and in recent years, with the emergence of home machines, Air cooler has a wider range of functions.

Features of Air cooler
1、Energy saving: electricity consumption is only 0.4-1 degree per hour, low running cost, electricity consumption is only 1/8 of traditional compressor air conditioner
2、Environmental protection: no Freon, set in addition to odor, ventilation, cooling, temperature regulation, humidity in one.
3、The cooling effect is obvious: generally up to 5 ℃ -15 ℃ cooling effect, and rapid cooling.
4、Large coverage area: each chiller covers an area of 60-150 square meters, hourly air delivery capacity of 8000-18000m³, the air delivery distance is far.

Refrigeration principle
The use of high-efficiency "direct evaporative cooling" technology. The principle is that water in the evaporation process to absorb heat, that is, in the enthalpy value of the case of the same, absorb the sensible heat of the air, reduce the air temperature.

Wet curtain characteristics
When fresh air passes through the core of the multi-layer corrugated fiber composite wet curtain, the water on the wet curtain evaporates in direct contact with the fresh air, and the air temperature is eventually reduced to close to its wet bulb temperature.

Ventilation Principle
The new outdoor air is filtered and cooled by the evaporative air cooler, and then continuously sent into the room, and the turbid air with odor, dust and high temperature is discharged outside to lower the indoor temperature.

What is a home air cooler?
Home air cooler is also called home environmental protection air conditioner, evaporative cooling fan. No compressor, no Freon, the refrigerant is water, belongs to the environmental protection and energy-saving air conditioner. Its working principle is to continuously pump out the water in the tank by the circulating water pump, through the cloth water system evenly sprayed on the evaporative filter layer, outdoor hot air into the evaporative cooling medium, in the evaporative cooling medium and evaporative cooling medium wet curtain (special material honeycomb filter layer, so that the cooling effect is more ideal) exchange, and water fully heat exchange, through the water evaporation and heat absorption cooling cold clean The air is pressurized into the room by the low-noise fan.

Advantages of home air coolers?
home air coolers are relatively inexpensive, generally between 300 and 700 yuan, if only a single cooling function of the chiller is even cheaper.
2.Save electricity
The total power consumption of the home air cooler is only 60 to 80W, which is comparable to that of an ordinary electric fan. Although it cannot really achieve the cooling effect of air conditioner, it is much better than electric fan.

How to buy a air cooler?
Look at the process: when consumers buy the product, they can see whether the air cooler's joints are tightly connected, whether the screws, buttons and other small parts used are well made, whether the installation is tight, whether the contact is good, etc.. If the purchase of the air cooler even these smallest parts are problematic, then the quality of the key internal components can be imagined.
Look at the parts:The whole air cooler machine consists of various parts, and the quality of the parts is directly related to the service life of the air cooler and the effectiveness of its use. Therefore, looking at the main parts is the most important part of the whole selection process.
Look at the appearance: Although products with beautiful appearance are not necessarily of high quality, high quality products will definitely have a beautiful appearance. Therefore, when buying, you can touch the shell of the air cooler with your hand to feel whether there are scuff marks, uneven surface, deformation and other phenomena; or whether there are defects such as uneven distribution of pigment, spots, bubbles and so on.
Look at the brand: the brand is built on the perfect combination of product quality and manufacturer publicity, while brand conscious manufacturers generally have a long-term strategic plan, so relatively speaking brand products are more desirable.

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